Monday, September 7, 2009


i'm madly in love with this guy up here .haha .he's name is amirul hafiz .
he's 23 this year .we have been together for 5 month now .he's my kesayangan .i cant live without him ,i need him all the way in my life ,he make's me really happy ,i guess everyone who is close to me could see that .we have known each other about 2 years ago ,at that time we liked each other but then both didnt even tell :D so he kept quiet and last2 i was with that jerk i told before .haha .so we lost contact for 2 years ,and about 5 month ago we got back together and now here we are .so happy lliving our life *hope it'll last* .he's really a great guy ,such a penyabar *sangat-sangat penyabar* and sgtlah caring ,there was this 1 day i demam for nearly 2 weeks and it was very bad i memang xleh nk kuar ruma and even bangan ,he came by everyday after work bwk bubur mcd :D yummm ,yummmm ,sedap .sgt baik .he's parents are very nice ,they accept me *yeay* and the same goes to my parents ,they accept him as well .and insyaallah next year we are getting married around bln 10 *yeay* if xda ape2 halangan :) *doa-doa kan yea* .so harap-harap things will go on smoothly and nothing bad is gonna happen :) *amin*

p/s : i love u so so so so much b

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