Tuesday, October 13, 2009


so ,on the 2nd of October ,i went for a holiday in cherating with my family .yea ,it was great , haven't been there for months .but then it does bring some old memories back :/ we had a great family time there because back in shah alam ,we don't have the time to spend together .we went everywhere for the 2 days ,went all up to terenganu to the pasar .god the fishes are so fresh ,we bought some and at night we had bbq by the beach ,it was great :) and at middle of the night it was boring so i went to teluk chempedak with my brother and my sister and her husband for a fish spa :) the next day we went again to tc but then with my parents to do the fish spa .it was really cheap for 30 minute its 15ringgit ,if in kl 30 minutes is like around 30++ or around 40++ .beza kan ?so that day kiteorg jln2 dekat die punye ade la tmpt jln tu and we saw this pink ulat bulu and it was very big and very beutiful .i never seen la a catapilar like that ,xtaw la if korang penah ke x .tp seriously it was beatiful .hurmm .the beach at cherating is nice and great .its a great place to go to if u want to be out of the city life .there are so many things i liked to write but then byk sgt ,so xperlu la .just share a little something :) so on the 4th we went home because i had my class going .urghh !we had a great time even though we always go there .here are some photo's i want to share :D

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