Sunday, November 22, 2009

f i s h i n g

hye hello . so ,nowadays i have a new hobby but then it became me ,amir n firdaus's hobby .haha. that is fishing .so ,every weekend on sunday we will go to the kelong at teluk gong . and kami da jg itam legam .haha .it is sangat seronok .haha mdapat ke xdpt xkire .when the fist time kami pg amir n firdaus got ikan gelame but then its small mcm tapak tangan .then i got belut n pari ,yeay ,seronok .haha .and lepas2 tu pg da dapat byk dah ikan .da terer la kate kn .haha .its a fun thing to do .then there's this 1 time ajak syara n faizal ,and since that plak they got addicted .before this i pg je fishing but then not really addicted tp skrg da addicted gile and yg peliknye amir yg xpnah2 pg fishing and xsuke fishing, dah jd addicted gile .and kami makin lame makin itam .haha ,so as usual here's the picture's ,no picture of me sbb jd tukang amik gmbr n sory for the bad quality picture's :D

1st day fishing dkt kelong :)

    sunburn people !                  liya tgh cabut kupang

papa waiting for ikan :D