Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i love you .

bb ,i love u so much .u make me happy every time im down and every time im with you .you complete me in many ways .many things i've learn with you .u accept me no matter how iam .no matter how long we have been ther,seriously every moment it feels like the moment that we started being together ,even that we always fight ,it teaches us to be batter every single time .ur always there for me no matter where iam or what roublle im in ,u r always there .i cant imagine if ur not with me .im really thankfull to have u in my life and i really cant wait to get married to you .thank you for copping with all my attitude the good ,bad and all sillyness .iloveyou

taman rama-rama

dah penat pg mencari kain kawen and card kawen .we have no idea where to go and what to do .
and then we went to taman rama-rama .semue kat sane ialah tourist kami je orang tempatan .aha
price for tempatan is rm8 and tourist is rm18 .gile cekik darah .konon-konon pg sane igt rama-rama hinggap kat tgn or badan or what so ever ,tp malangnye tak .jd da stress sgt xde yg hinggap ,i tangkap la rama-rama sendiri .ahaha .seronok je .aha .anyway i had fun that day .even it was so so hot in there ,peluh mcm nk mati .thanx syg bawak i pg sane .love you so much .xoxo