Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goodbye march .

yesss .alhamdullillah my presentation for business plan is finally done !but still ,there are still lots of things to betolkan for the hardcopy ,tp i feel much much better asalkan presentation is over .the presentation was ok ,but the financial part mmg xok ,puan munirah expected more from our group .and we are sorry to let you down puan munirah .tp at least xkene mmaki hamun dengan die .touch up hardcopy and it will all be okey .So march ends today and its finally over ,here come's april ,yeay .and may please come cepat2 .cant wait .sooo ,goodbye march ,i dont really like march this time .so HELLO april :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


lately ,i feel so stressed out .i feel like i have no one by my side .mayb its just my feeling ,tp mayb mungkin jugak benar .yang menambah kn stress ni gile2 babi ialah ,saye punye "BUSINESS PLAN"  yang kene present rabu ni ,and byk lg xsiap ,sbb semue org nk buat last inute ,bile ajak buat awal2 ,xmo,bile last minute baru nk buat .urgh ,geram je .otak dah sakit dah ni .cepat2 lah selesai .amin .

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Belon Udara Panas

Held at Putrajaya on the 19th - 21st March .
It was awesome !

1 month ++ to go !

yyyeeeehhhaaaaa !

There's only 1 ++ month to go ,to getting married .
happy . happy . happy . happy !

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taman Burung

The other day we went to taman burung in kl *me ,amir & rauf* sbb rauf nk sgt pegi .it was fun and tempat tu sgt lah besar gile .boleh sesat .sadly kiteorg pg mcm lambt so we missed lots of things  because every 2hours dieorg mcm ade buat show's and stuff .tp xpe ,we are going for the 2nd time aha .but still we had fun . XoXo