Monday, January 31, 2011

Byebye Jan , Hello Feb :)

hello .today is the 1st of Feb .yesterday was a bad January ending ,hari yg sangat penat ,it was a rainy for 2 days and baju pun xkering2 .dengan amir xsehat lg :( and i wanted to go to murni for dinner .really wanted to go there and was super duper hungry ,so pegi la petronas isi minyak and jumpe org sekejap then suddenly cemomot (my car) xnak start !! and amir was searching for what was wrong ,and i and rauf waited for 1 hour 30 minutes .Last-last still xboleh ,then i called mama to pick us up and we went for dinner dekat MMZ jeeeeee !!!! nak pg murni ,but then i was so hungry and my mood was down already .damn ! So today cemomot dah dibawa pegi workshop amir ,and naseb xde ape sangat .and cemomot dah ok ! yeay .i was so worried to leave him at petronas because maksu punye kerete penah kene pecah dkt situ :/ and today is a very sunny day .alhamdullillah finally the sun came out :) baju pun boleh kering and xde la rase sejuk je 24hours :P tomorrow our family nak pegi mandy sungai ramai2 ,sangat best ! but sadly parents amir cant come along because mama is working ,so kami bwk haikal je .be updating tomorrow ( if xmalas ) ngahahaha :p

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