Monday, February 7, 2011

unstable feeling

lately I've been in a very unstable mood ,i don't even know why .not sure if its the pregnancy making me feel this way or just some emotional problems .ngaha :P I've been stressed out lately ,been really tired lately and im falling sick at the moment and i really don't like it because at this stage of my body i don't think i can handle it all at once .i just wanna stay home and relax with no stress coming from certain people and sleep sampai dah xboleh nak tido dah .but then i cant ,ngaha .i have to go to work and kemas rumah and all .tapi xpe :) and i really cant wait for this thursday ,my 6month check up .yeay .alhamdullillah its been a safe 6month already :) 3month to goooo !!!

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