Friday, April 15, 2011

6 april 2011 : 34 weeks

Salam ,on the 6 of april was my birthday .ngehe .and also my 34week of pregnancy ! alhamdullillah syukur Allah panjangkan umur sampai hari ni ,to go thru everything im going thru right now with loved ones and have the chance to feel how being pregnant is ,while out there ade banyak je orang yang unlucky like me ,yang going thru a hard time in thier life :( when i was a little girl ,i always think "sempat ke aku nk rase kawen mcm mane ?mengandung mcm mane ? " tp alhamdullillah dapat jugak merase and happy with everything :) tomorrow genaplah baby 9bulan .got another 4 weeks to go .getting to the end of pregnancy is really not as easy like the early stage ,sekarang ni tulang rusuk dah start sakit ,kadang2 xleh nak nafas sangat .perut ni makin besar dah ,takot plak tengok .haha ,perot pun dah macam kulit tembikai ,penuh dengan stretch marks .and and and bile dah smapi stage ni ,u tend to get very emotional ,yang tersangat sangat emo okeh ! kadang2 xtentu psl nak nanges or sakit sikit pun dah nanges ,padahal sblm ni ok je ,boleh je tahan sakit mcm tu and skrg ni pun cepat je naik angin ,pastu bile dah marah tu start la bebel panjang xigt dunia .haha .on the 34weeks check up ,berat baby is 2.3kg ,on  monday is the 35week checkup ,nanti tengok die naik brape kg .haha .i have gained 18kg in 34weeks !!! gile kan :p nak tgk diri sendiri pun takot ,ahahahah .xboleh nak terime .hurmmm .xpe2 lps bersalin kene diet :) soo ,i wanna say thank you to my husband for always being there for me ,and always always being so sabar with my perangai yg xtentu bile preggy ni ,even u have lots to think about .and not to forget papa and mama ,thank u very very much for being there for me no metter what and for layaning me with mcm2 permintaan .haha .im really lucky and sangat bersyukur dpt parents mcm papa and mama :) and thank u to my siblings for everything ,for the give and take u guys gave me sebab im pregnant .ahha .not to forget mama and abah ,thank u for the wish and the cake ,and for taking care of me also .thank u haikal for the lovely cupcake yg sgt manis :p tp sedap .Im so blessed to have all of u in my life :)

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