Thursday, May 12, 2011

i love you

i love u very much shaqur 
so so so so much .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

my precious amirul shaqur

On the 25 April ,alhamdulillah dgn selamatnye i gave birth to my first baby "amirul shaqur" yang cukup sempurna ciptaan Aallah swt .He was 37weeks and not yet his time to come out but then i had to do ceaser because of less movement of baby .it might be dangerous and i had bad feelings about it .so doctor pun advise to ceaser .At 2.20pm sy dimasukkan ke dlm OT, rase nervous and takot gile ,da la masuk hospital pun xpenah ni lg masuk OT lg la menakut kan :P so after doctor dah masukkn epidural ,u cant even feel a thing ! mama kate akan rase die pegang kite just when they cut us je xrase ,tp i didnt even feel a thing .haha .at 2.40pm dengar la suare baby menangis .and nmpk nurse tu bwk die kat tepi n bersih2 kan .the feeling mase dgr baby nanges sgt xboleh digambar kan ,tahan nanges je mase tu .i cant believe that i have a baby :) ,after 3 days in the hospital dpt jugak blk ,yeay !!!now shaqur is 2 weeks 3days dah .alhamdulillah semue ok .Being a mother is not an easy thing when u have ur 1st baby ,it really cracks u up if u cant control ur perasaan .but it eas only for the 1st weeks after that dah ok :) ehe .thank u papa and mama sbb tlg jage atim and tgk kn shaqur skali .and thank u sape2 yg dtg melawat dkt hospital and rumah :) and this year is my 1st mothers day .haha .it feels weird bile org wish happy mothers day :P .i miss being pregnant and i miss feeling the baby kicking inside me ,theres many things that i miss while pregnancy but im thankfull and im really happy with everything that i have now and hope everyhting get better all the way .amin :)