Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Humayra binti Syafiq

Alhamdulillah after such a long wait n dugaan my sister being pregnant ,Our family dapat jugak baby girl :) This is Humayra debab ! my anak buah yang selalu mintak kene lepuk , haha .cant stand her sebab debab SANGAT ! she is 2 month old ,and i didnt have time to post anything about her .die breastfeed 24hours ,thats y badan gedempol ,so siape nak anak debab sila la breastfeed anak anda 24 hours ye .ngehehehe .cepat lah besar syg oi so shaqur can play with u ,cian shaqur xde geng . Humayra debab ,mama atim miss u sgt2 .

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